Welcome to Week Two: Pricing and Product

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Hi Guys,
When folio building - do you pay for your make up artists? Or find a Make up artist that will do trade for print?


I try to find a makeup artist to trade with.

I’m re-structuring my price list to follow more of Sue’s advice. I had something similar but way more complicated than it probably should have been.

I love that the packages are simply folio boxes with different numbers of prints. So simple for the client. I’ve had packages for different wall art configurations, but they’ve never sold. People tend to prefer a la carte with me.

So beyond the three folio box packages, I have wall art a la carte (standout prints, metal, acrylic, and framed), two different albums (prices by size), and digitals.

My clients essentially have four categories to order from: 1. Folio boxes, 2. Wall art, 3. Albums, and 4. Digitals.

As I was updating prices, I found that my albums were priced lower than my folio boxes. My fear with that would be selling more albums, which means more editing (they’ll presumably have more images).

Long explanation to my question: should the lowest folio box be my lowest priced item? And everything else is more expensive regardless of cost-of-good? (The folio box sets will cost more than Miller’s albums…)

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Sorry I figured it out lol

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hello @aaron_t that sounds great. I am just finding our classes forum.

Ok. What hit me the most was “GO GET A JOB” till you can reach that level and stop saying it’s not possible.
I know I’m not at the point where I need to be to create a large enough value exchange to reach the standard price point. That is exactly what I am going to do. I don’t need to burden family and myself while getting to the level that need be at to run a successful business.


Anyone want to check out my new pricing based on this week’s advice?


Password is “printyourphotos” :grin:


Hey. So I have found different artist you can work different things with them. Some you can ask to work with you to build for trade and then when you get paying clients you both get paid and build the value how it would work for both of you if they can hang in there. Or some want to get paid. – I have done both. I have an artist I have been using. When we first started working together and was building neither of us got paid unless people bought photos – which was super rare… she is about to move now :frowning: So I am in the process of trying to work something out with someone else.


So I made the jump not that long ago and changed my pricing. At this point I am only offering al la carte wall portraits and then the folio box but all just on lustre paper… Is there a way to share files on here? I am new to all of this and trying to figure it all out. Considering if I should offer more or just go this route.

Love that Aaron, where do you buy your boxes ?

Hi Everyone, I am a LR user, and I am having such a hardtime creating my vouchers in PS with the downloads. Are there tutorials available I can view by any chance?

Thank you this helps :slight_smile: @mydalis2

I have used Photo Flash Drive for a year or two now. However, I’m looking into Finao, which is what Sue uses I think. Their two Seldex boxes are at two levels of finish and luxury.

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Regarding pricing - firstly I will have to change things up a bit as I live in South Africa, which is a lot different (or am I trying to kid myself) from America, Europe, Australia or New Zealand. But, the main query I have regarding pricing is - if I do not offer hair and make up because of the female demographic I am wanting to break into, does this change the pricing? To explain - I (for now) am really wanting to take photos of women with minimal make up and no fancy clothing - just wrapped in fabric. The reason for that is so women can embrace their nude faces and see that they can look beautiful without having to look like a model or a magazine cover girl - quite the opposite to what most are learning here :grin:

The price range of US$900-1200 is equivalent to South African Rand - 14500 to 19500. iphones cost between R7000 and R15000; monthly groceries for my husband and me is around R12000 a month - around US$750. That’s just to give an idea of the value of money. Rentals for a semi decent house are around R15000 a month.

While your session fee can cover things like hair and makeup, I also treat my session fee as payment for my time doing the consultation, session itself, and any other time away from my family for the session. I think you’re justified in pricing your sessions however you’d like, but don’t feel bad charging a higher session fee even if you don’t provide hair and makeup. Price conveys value!

I’d also remember that there’s a market at every price point. People pay for what they value. Price yourself to sustain an income and grow a business, not what you think people will find acceptable. It’s taken me years to believe that, so I know it isn’t easy!

Next question…

To come up with a pricing of packages I would like to know what the recommended print paper used. I love Hahnemuhl Photo Rag but it is so expensive. What do most people use?
Thank you

Thank you for sharing! It’s helpful to see these examples. I am just getting started and will be redoing my website to reflect the new pricing and products. I love how you have put a lot of examples of the products and the wall art on your website.

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@sue27, I live in Brasil, so I can relate to your pricing difficulties. Now, US$ is 1:5 to Brazilian Reais. I liked your daily life references to create a price list that is compatible with your community. I am not a professional photographer, no charges yet. But my reference, when traveling to US has always been: I will pay the same amount in US$ that I would pay in Brazilian Reais for the same quality of services or products (food, clothes, entertainment…), no currency conversion. So a seating fee of US$ 300.00, for exemple, would be equivalente a R$ 300,00 seating fee in Brazil. Unfortunately much less if currency conversion is done, but, probably the same weight in the client pocket. :slight_smile: