Welcome to Week 3: Camera Basics

Feel free to chat about Camera Basics here.


Good morning from South Brazil. I have a Sony a7rii. I read the manual 3 times, retained 60% of information, or less. Starting quarantine around here, time to learn more. Share you camera model so we can help each other. Be safe!!!


Hi Ella, thank to SBE I finally have a small studio / office for headshots and portraits, yeah! I would prefer to stay with natural light, but find that my Canon 7D image files seem to be getting more grainy, even on lower ISOs. My favorite lens is 50-150mm 2.8 and I am looking for advice on a camera body. Thank you!

@Carla64 I have the same its my first "proper"camera and def a learning curve for me. The best advice Ive been given so far regarding sensors etc is the Sony images are better slightly overexposed for post. I did a recent shoot and did a variety of images so interested to see when I actually go in and edit.

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@Ella where do we post or do we post answers to Sues questions each week? I feel like I am writing all this down and it hit me she kept saying please let me know. Have I misunderstood or should I post weekly I a bit confused. Also where is the class with John?

Hey guys,

I am shooting with a Canon Mark ii 6d — It’s a full frame and I have. 24-70 2.8 lens I use with it and also have to prime lens 50mm 1.2 and a 35mm.

I love my canon … it works great with natural light and with strobes. I shoot everything in Manual and I like to get everything close in camera. What I want to learn better about my camera is editing video from it. I did a basic video for my boyfriend if his website of him talking and that was easy but not sure the best way to do a video of myself and keep it in focus to start. I will probably try to figure that out here soon though.

Hi @christalynn , you can find it here https://suebryceeducation.com/course/camera-101-masterclass/. Even knowing the basic cocepcts worth watching. It is very good!!

@Carla64 I am not sure which video your mean Camera Basics with Sue or John? Is that what you mean.

@Carla64 I followed your link I did watch it and it was great.

hi Ella, i am way behind again, we have been away so hopefully i can catch up. my goal is to actually finish a 12 week as something always comes up. can you please explain how i go about writing a question or post without just replying to someone? i forgot from last round sorry.

Sorry. I meant Jonh’s video

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