Week Ten: Course Discussion

As you watch Week 10: Confidence and Networking, feel free to engage in conversation with the group here. Please limit the conversation to the course topic.

I was really pleased to hear Sue say she enjoys working with people rather than on her own. I have really been struggling in this area as I work well when I have someone to talk to. I don’t know why I thought it a failing in myself but now I see it’s ok to feel like that. I’m still on my own but I won’t beat myself up about feeling a bit lost. (just realised I’m also a week behind). Sue said that in the H & Mup session.


Where do we find the contact sheets, that Sue refers to, and we can download with the different genres?

These will be added to the course before the LIVE today at 12pm PDT!

Wow, that’s super generous of you @sue1 for allowing us to use the contact sheets to get folio people. Just wanted to say thank you. I’m sure we can all get stuck here. I’ve just booked a model to do my own contact sheet and I will be for sure using yours for reference. I would love to do a video with this model.

Do you think you will do any video’s on how to teach as well. Like what you do? Hope this makes sense…:slight_smile:

Hope everyone is fab!


When I say teach…like a pull back on how you teach…:slight_smile: This might make more sense!

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Does anybody here hire a model for portfolio building? I thought about it to have also some picture with a professional model. Who went to the PTM had the opportunity to shoot beautiful models, I thought to my self, I can also hire one…they are not sooo expensive!

I missed live with Sue on Tuesday. Can I replay the recording? I couldn’t find it anywhere on the page :sweat: thank you for information!

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Hello! Sue refers to contact sheet download, not those that are filled with her images but empty one to put our images. Does anyone know where to find it? Thanks!

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Hi Paulina!

We haven’t posted it yet, but it will be added to the Week 10 module as “Coaching Chat” once it’s been processed!

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after watching this week I was wondering if anyone put together a questionnaire style pdf for the consultation with the client. If that was something you did what sort of questions do you ask.