Week Six: Marketing Course Discussion

As you watch Week 6: Marketing, feel free to engage in conversation with the group here. Please limit the conversation here to the course topic.

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evening everyone I’ve been watching this well listening while o make my info magazine and sue talks about the 12-week study group. does anyone have a link to this group? the only reason I ask is that the one I found is an old one and the weeks don’t marry up with this course.

This forum and the Members Only Facebook group are the only current study groups!


just to clarify with the challenge we can post the videos here?

@nikki I love love LOVE your video. Do I have your permission to semi copy it? Like take the basic structure of it and make it our own? I love how you handle the objections in the video and show how people expect to purchase and honestly it’s not an inexpensive experience, but that they should expect to have fun and get amazing photographs to document every stage of life that they are in. Also, what format would be the best to upload our video? Maybe youtube? Or just the FB group?


Thank you! Keep in mind that Sue puts things out there as an educator and doesn’t mind when people use her wording and format. I’m just a business owner also out there hustling to get clients. So while of course I don’t mind you taking inspiration, please make sure it is your own :slight_smile: You can post it here or in the fb group!


Of course! And we totally will. My husband and I have been struggling for wording and how to entice, and watching your video totally inspired us! So I didn’t want to make our video where it follows the same basic structure and not reach out first. Honestly, you just made Sue’s basic structure make sense. So I’m thinking start out, address an objection, then explain what it is to come into our studio. From there, talk about the experience and entice them to come back in for their viewing and ordering session. Pepper in some images throughout. And honestly we will do the filming in front of our reveal wall. So it will have the same feel as yours, but be Brian and I. We are taking inspiration from you and the words that we may steal are actually Sue’s words anyway. But thank you!

Hi Nikki, thanks for the amazing video! How did you create it? With the website details and images? Is that using particular software?

Thanks Nikki. I look forward to making my own video. My studio is set up. I am just tweaking a few things in it, my pricing guide is almost complete - just waiting to hear back from a supplier about one product, my folio building sessions are going well - I am connecting with many HMUA’s while tfp’ing, and my website is on its way to being completed as it is having an overhaul :blush: Exciting times :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hi! Where do I post my video to? Is it to the FB Members Only of Sue Bryce Education?

Hi everyone.
! I managed to watch the last half of the marketing challenge but cannot find where it is. I would like to go back and watch the first part…whre is it? And for the marketing challenge Nikki…did you use animoto? Your video was amazing Nikki!

I can’t recall which video it was but Sue did say it was pretty much all her words but said in the person’s own way. I think it was Nikki’s, which is the one that really resonated with me as well. I plan to listen to Sue again and take a stab at it, but not copy. I think we can learn so much from all of these but we do have to make them our own.

Which video is this? I am lost hehe

You can post it here or in the Member’s Only Facebook group (or both!)

I’ve just tried to upload a video file here as part of the challenge to be told that mp4 formats aren’t excepted any idea how I upload the video here

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I got that message too so I put it in the private Facebook group!

just finished my sales pitch video, it was quite a challenge but super helpful. In a way it brought me back to the passion I feel about photography. What I learned? I am not perfect :grin: but I am perfect for me :smiley:
The video turned out to be quite long and I could not load it to this page but its uploading on the facebook group.

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Let me just say, I am terrified to do this challenge!!! I have tried to make it through every 12 week start up and this is where I always give up.

Jenny i was to and still am i hate how i sound and my posture, i found this really difficult to film and then edit as well. keep going. i keep telling myself for every fail or set back i learn something new

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Hi, Unfortunately I can’t watch the Q&As Live here in the UK due to commitments on that evening. I’ve been able to watch others after the event, but can’t find the link to the marketing one anywhere. Aren’t they normally at the bottom of the course segments? If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Many thanks (and haven’t quite got around to doing a video…).