Week Four: Sales Course Discussion

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I just finished watching the first section of Week 4: Sales Intensive. SO much VALUABLE information packed in an hour! Sue is incredibly inspirational.


@sue or @nikki I need more work on accepting money and valuing myself. Which money course do you recommend I start with? Also, I loved the idea of working backwards to figure out how many people per month I need to shoot and focusing on the thrive nut. Will we be going through this in more depth or is there another video I should look at to help with this?


Hi Amy! The money wheel of misfortune talks are some of my absolute favorites.


Thanks so much Nikki!

Today Sue won’t go live, right?

@danielaco I am seeing Sue going live today in about 2 and 40 minutes from now " Glamour vs Boudoir" this will be at 4 pm Eastern time ( that is the time zone I am in)

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She is going live at 12PM PST, however it will be a combined live with her monthly live (with Kara Marie). You can still ask her questions in the chat (and bonus: Kara Marie will be there too!)


Great thank you, I forgot about it!

You bet! Those talks changed my life and my bank account!!


Hi there. Work got really crazy here and I’ve missed 2 Live sessions. I have been checking on the app for the live broadcasts to come up and nothing yet. Am i looking in the wrong places?
I was so bummed to miss today’s and want to watch it soon. Any idea how to locate them now?

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Hi Christy,

I received an email notification, which attached a direct link to the live session.

“Perfectionism is an attempt to cushion oneself from criticism” - Great concept, fresh look on the issue.


Yes, I got the notification of the live while it was “live”. I want to know where to find the replay. When going to the live page now, it just shows the frame wall image and no video.

It will be posted in the Monthly Sue Bryce Lives by the end of the day!

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yes, I would love to know to how to find the live part. thanks

Great question, @Christy.Pohler@Ella_Ketzner answered it above … I tried to include the link within this post, however, I’m not allowed to do so.

You can find the recording of Sue’s live episodes under the “Sue Bryce Live” tab within the Sue Bryce Education platform.

with the pricing of packages, is the folio box cost included in the figures Sue gave us?
eg. 6 pics at $125 each + $250 for folio box = $1000 for small package.
or is it 6 pics at $750, including a folio box?


So as I was going through and listening to Sue, these were my thoughts and my notes.

If I want to make 100K/year, then I need to make 3x that amount so that I can pay the business, pay taxes, and pay ourselves.

So realistically we need to be making 300K/year.

What does that look like? How many shoots at what average?

How many do we want to be shooting? 2-3/wk if it’s just us shooting.



What can we offer that people will regularly and easily pay us 2-3K/shoot for and that we can get 2-3 people in per week doing it? Personal branding, glamour, weddings?

What do we want to be shooting? How can we add value to where people will easily pay us this amount?

Who is it that we want to market to?

Where do they hang out?

What if I don’t value print? What if I don’t think people will pay for print?

Currently we are running a headshot promotion just to get bums in seats. We have a natural light studio, but my husband has always been opposed to the glamour specifically, but loves shooting more lifestyle portraits. We are offering one free photo with more available to purchase for $97 each. Currently, most are purchasing one, two have not purchased any out of 10 that we have shot. So that gives us an $80 average sale. We are currently shooting 2-3 per day on days that I have off, so for example this week we have 6 scheduled (we had one no show), so 5 that we are actually shooting. We are also scheduling video chats with each prospect to educate them on the process and really just get to know them and have them get to know us.

So it’s great. We are having conversations, we are getting bums on seats, and we are building our headshots portfolio. But this model is not sustainable.

I want to do more personal branding. Photographing influencers for their social media. I know we can do it and do it well. Any suggestions on how to get in front of them?


Hi @carol7,

I recall the cost of the folio box was not included within Sue’s packages.