Let's Talk About Week 6: Marketing

Feel free to chat about all things Marketing here!

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I wish I felt up to talking marketing. UGH! Can we talk about not being able to get out of bed! It’s both a funny and sad statement. But I feel like I am super larthargic and can’t seem to stay focused enough to finish even the cleaning projects I’ve started in my house. Little piles everywhere…close but not quite. I feel like I need a massive boost of energy. I have things to do and not completing them. I’m my own worst enemy these days. Hope you are staying well. xo

Thanks for the gentle nudge in my email, reminding me I have a business that I would like to grow during these most uncertain times. I feel like I have been navigating life in a fog over the past couple weeks. Today is the first day I am feeling creatively motivated. I am struggling with how to handle my senior rep program… even though I know the key to their world is connecting through social media. I’m trying to climb out of the “what to do next doldrums”!

Hi all, I finished rewatching the marketing and wrote good notes this time to help me create a marketing video by also taking some things that i liked from the mentor videos. The challenge for me is to think about and customize it to the type of client Im trying to attract so I have to think about that and find the right words and energy to do so. Im confident that you all can do it too. I’ll start out short, maybe a couple of sentences and add to that. Anyone know if we are to post to the social group or just keep it for ourselves. Hang in there and keep trying! :slight_smile:

Hey Maidelis, you can absolutely post in the Members group anything you want to get feedback on. Just make sure you ask for it in your post!

@Ella_Ketzner and @maidelis I also have just finished both the sales and marketing videos for the course. I also did both the intensive classes. I learned so much in them both, took lots of great notes as I am building a large binded notebook for printed materials and sections for each week etc. My question is after we complete our video we are to post it here in the class? Unless I am mistaken that was what Sue asked. Second question, after the 2 min video do we show our marketing materials also by video or by pictures? I have just begun the ordering process I wanted to get done with the all classes first then order. I have pictures of what I am going to use for my marketing and clients. Last question where to we post our priceing?

@linda36 don’t be so hard on yourself. I get overwhelmed all the time. Sue has been showing us and teaching us weekly shift focus. So shift your focus off what you have not gotten finished onto what you have. Then you will feel excited over what you did accomplish instead of what you still need to finish. It want make your to do list smaller but it always helps me to remain positive even when I lost and can’t find the solution right away. I make list the old fashion way, pen and notebook, if I write it down I can decided what when and how long to until I need to finish my list. Then I rewrite it according to top priority. Just food for thought. Keep your chin up, give yourself a break and then SHIFT FOCUS.

Hey there! So it would be best to share in the Members Only Facebook group (tag Sue and she’ll see it) and you can wait until you finish all the weeks—just speak up when you’re ready! If for some reason you don’t get traction on your post, email me in support (support@suebryceeducation.com) and I’ll make sure your items are reviewed.

Thanks you so much. I been working through each peace of the sales and marketing courses. I began shooting today in my new home studio. Man that feels so good to have my own creative space to work in got my creativity flowing. I plan on posting my video this week I let you know when I do love all feed back.

I have finished all the marketing videos does anyone know if we are doing the video that sue shows us with the 25 choices and if so when is that due for the coipition?@Ella_Ketzer

Hey Christa,

You can always post to the Members Only group on Facebook and tag her in it (say you’re in Startup) and she’ll review it!

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In the market intensive video challenge she wants us to do a video for a year of SBE and a year of Animto, she gives us 25 ideas to use for the video challenge. I will assume this is for our class as well but if not please let me know. I know this weeks challenge was a short 2 min video but in the intensive classes under video she ask us to do a different type of video I got my settings for both camera etc. I think she says you have two weeks but I will have to review to be sure. @sue was this for our class as well? I would love to give it a shot but not sure when we are to post this video? I do think it was for the Nov class as it was recorded in Nov but I hoping its for our class as well.