12 Week Startup - Week 4: Sales

Feel free to chat about sales here.

Sales: I love the sales videos a lot. While I was watching them, it occurred to me wouldn’t it be great if Sue could do a role-play video that demonstrates how a sale is done and take us through the steps and the words. That is just a thought. :slight_smile:


I watched the “Your First Package Price” video and love the advice. I’ve never done a 10% cost pricing model. Mine had typically been 20-25% cost except for single prints. I love that Sue really pushes us to make maximum money!

She briefly mentioned signing the back of the work we sell, and I had never thought of that! My dad has been a hobby photographer forever, and he signs his work. Why shouldn’t I? I’m doing that from now on. Has anyone else been in the habit of signing work?

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I know I am a few weeks late Aaron but I have not ever signed my work I Have used PS to do a text logo which I personally never have been crazy about. I been working through both sales and marketing intensive classes and they are intensive indeed. I am learning so much more than I ever bargained for how about you.

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Sorry I replied to you late but I did’t tag you I think the same about signing my images on the back is a genius idea I have only used the watermark in PS and personally never liked it. I wonder if she uses a special type of pen? Kinda of a strange question but I find using the special papers for printing you have to be careful or it can show on the other side. I made the mistake of using a ball fine tip pen when writing a describing the image to my printing professor at AAU. I will use her method in the future.

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